Ricardo Hernandez

Interior/Graphic Designer, UNITED STATES - since 29 December 2009
Ricardo Hernandez

Ricardo Hernandez was born in Puerto Rico in 1980.  He holds a Bachelor in Design (Interior Design) and a Master in Fine Arts (Graphic Design) from the University of Florida.  He currently resides in Washington DC where he teaches and runs his small design firm. He has experience designing environments in Dubai, Lisbon, Kuwait, Doha, Seoul just to name a few. His diverse background led him to the field on branded environments and environmental graphics.  He spends his time developing experiences in environments, interactive and print. He lives and breathes design; there isn't a sentence from his lips that doesn't touch on his love for creativity, design education, aesthetics, concepts or innovation.

His passion for reading led him to Yatzer. Through teaching, entrepreneurship and Yatzer, he is able to share his passions with the rest of the world.
His motto: "You can't erase ink so sketch with it."

{ photo by David Stephen }