Mathieu Cesar Directs ‘Better Love’ Music Video for KCPK

18 September 2014 No Comments

Directed by French photographer Mathieu Cesar, this music video for the new EP ‘Better Love’ by electro band KCPK is a mesmerising black-and-white fashion fantasy that you should definitely watch! [...]

Studio Makkink & Bey Convert the 17th century Hôtel Dupanloup Into a University Research Centre

17 September 2014 No Comments

Serving as a Bishops’ palace until 1905, the seventeenth-century Hôtel Dupanloup in Orléans (France), has undergone a complete overhaul by Dutch design studio Makkink & Bey. Now housing a super contemporary International Research Center of the University of Orléans. [...]

Shigeru Ban Wraps Up the New Aspen Art Museum

16 September 2014 No Comments

Set against the backdrop of Colorado’s Ajax Mountains, the new state-of-the-art Aspen Art Museum (AAM), entirely designed by 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Shigeru Ban, opened its doors last month. [...]

Daily Spoon: A One-year Woodcarving Project by Stian Korntved Ruud

15 September 2014 {1} Comment

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Norwegian craft of woodwork, ''Daily Spoon'' is a fascinating project that sees designer Stian Korntved Ruud carving one spoon a day for 365 days. [...]

1950’s Hong Kong Inspires New Photography Series by Fan Ho 何藩

14 September 2014 {2} Comments

Celebrated Chinese photographer Fan Ho has recently developed a new body of work that layers negatives from his archive to create new compositions featuring images from 1950s Hong Kong. [...]

A Former Sponge Factory on the Greek Island of Symi is Transformed into LOS bistro

12 September 2014 {1} Comment

Discover LOS, a new bistro bar and art gallery on the Greek Island of Symi designed by New York based interior designer Yannos Vrousgos and his team at the Input Creative Studio. [...]

The N.B.K. Residence (2) in Beirut, Lebanon by Bernard Khoury/DW5

11 September 2014 {1} Comment

Situated on the line that used to divide Lebanon’s capital in half, this state-of-the-art residence by the architecture practice of Bernard Khoury features two beacon lights on the roof, and a singular ventilation piece in its impressive living room. [...]

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Photorealistic Portraits of Swimmers by Gustavo Silva Nuñez

10 September 2014 {2} Comments

Clearly in love with the element of water and the way it reflects the light, artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez from Venezuela likes to paint photorealistic pictures of swimmers, and then pose with them for his Instagram feed! [...]