Would you buy a magazine with a cover that had been printed with HIV positive infused ink?

Although for the most part an online publication, Vienna-based Vangardist Magazine has recently released a limited-edition printed issue that some people might refuse to even get their hands on — the reason being that it has been printed with ink infused with the blood of HIV-infected people. [...]

FOREVER by Gestalten: The New Generation of Tattoo Artists

20 May 2015 No Comments

Gestalten's 'Forever. A New Tattoo' book which presents the impressive work and kaleidoscopic creative universe of contemporary tattoo artists. [...]

Children of the Light: Calliope’s New Book and Greece’s Image Crisis

Skira Publishers have the second book of Greek photographer Calliope 'Children of the Light' - a visual tribute to Greece's youth and timeless beauty. But how does that contradict the country's current image in international media? [...]

The Stylish World of Yachting

04 April 2015 {2} Comments

A new book by German publishing house teNeues takes a rare look into the exclusive and sun-drenched world of yachting. [...]

New Book Showcases the Best Dutch Design Talents of 2014

23 February 2015 No Comments

A new book titled Dutch Design Talents 14, published by online magazine Fontanel, showcases nineteen of the best design graduates of 2014 hailing from art academies across the Netherlands. [...]

Photographer Karen Knorr Brings Indian Myths to Life

03 February 2015 {1} Comment

The vivid 'India Song' series by photographer Karen Knorr is a wondrous visual journey to Northern India and its rich culture. [...]

Visual Families: Graphic Storytelling in Design and Illustration

02 February 2015 No Comments

The new Visual Families book by Gestalten explores a very popular and efficient kind of visual storytelling. [...]

Rock the Shack: the Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hide-Outs by Gestalten

17 January 2015 No Comments

Discover an array of unusual and well-designed small cabins, sheds and hideouts in the amazing 'Rock the Shack' book by Gestalten. [...]