Apostolos Mitsios

Psychologist, GREECE- [14 February 2009 - 15 May 2012]
Apostolos Mitsios

Apostolos Mitsios was born in 1979 in Trikala, Greece. He is a psychologist and psychotherapist that apart from his devotion to Psychology, is a design addict. He studied Psychology at the Aristotle Uninersity of Thessaloniki and he continued his studies in the University of Salamanca, Spain, obtaining a Master in Systemic and Family Psychotherapy. Since then, he is dividing his time between Greece and Spain.

Apostolos does think that design is to share, just like creativity, positivity, curiosity and love. He is fond of the idea that some small portions of imagination, in the form of art, design, music, travelling or fashion, can change drastically the everyday life and can even be therapeutic!  Passionate collector of almost everything, he loves discovering fresh and challenging ideas. He is interested in the way people can interpret and customize contemporary pop culture and in establishing a dialogue between the old and the new.

Yatzer is for him the equivalent to the chocolate house that Hansel and Gretel discover in the woods, only that this time you can eat all what you want without being afraid of the witch!* 

His motto:  *Fear is the enemy* and he still believes in endless possibilities.

photo by Odysseas Lekkas