Renovation Of A Dov Carmi Urban Villa In Tel Aviv, Israel

30 July 2013 No Comments

Tel-Aviv-based Pitsou Kedem Architects’ latest project is the renovation and reconstruction of an urban villa originally designed in 1951 by Ukrainian-born Israeli architect Dov Carmi who is known for introducing the ''International Style'' to the Israeli architectural scene. [...]

Marina Abramović Gives A Virtual Tour Of MAI

29 July 2013 No Comments

Heavyweight artist and visionary Marina Abramović has been making waves with her ground-breaking performances since the 1970s. She is now bequeathing her legacy to the world through creating a unique venue for the archiving, creation, study and realisation of long-durational performances. [...]

GAGA Deli And Eatery In Shenzhen, China

29 July 2013 No Comments

Coffee culture has officially hit China, as young urbanites all across the country embrace the lure of enjoying a caffeine infused beverage in stylish surroundings. That said, none are more stylish than Coordination Asia’s creation for Gaga, the  latest deli and eatery in Shenzhen, designed to really wow even the most discerning clientele. [...]

The Frenchie's Flying Circus Is About To Begin!

28 July 2013 No Comments

French adventure film director Seb Montaz and the Flying Frenchies are back and ready to share their adventures with the world in ‘Petit Bus Rouge’, a new exciting documentary that brings the circus to the highest of mountains. [...]

Porsche Sculpture By Gerry Judah Reaches New Heights

24 July 2013 {1} Comment

In the perfect world of speed there is a perfect car, a perfect tribute to that car and a perfect road. Porsche has achieved the 911 perfection in the Goodwood Festival of speed, by commissioning Gerry Judah to do what he does best. Create perfection! [...]

Strings Attached: Alexander Chen And His Digital Media Design

23 July 2013 No Comments

When the Greek god Hermes invented the lyre, little did he know that it would one day be given the shape of a retro metro map by a New York-based designer. [...]

David Steiner And His Domestic Factory

A RCA alumnus invites us to reconsider the way we run our households and unlocks the hidden potential of everyday objects. [...]

Partition By ÖRNDUVALD

20 July 2013 No Comments

Design duo Pétur Örn Eyjólfsson and Søren Oskar Duvald, architects from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, experiment with the definition of space through their project titled ''Partition'' which pays tribute to traditional woodcraft making. [...]