Le Morandine | Still Life in Real Life

published in: Design, Art By Costas Voyatzis, 26 March 2012

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photo © Sonia Pedrazzini

One of the foremost Italian Still Life masters has inspired a talented Italian designer not only to give life to his paintings, but also to let us be part of that process. The 'Le Morandine' candle series by Sonia Pedrazzini has successfully managed to transform the protagonists in Morandi's Still Life paintings into Real Life objects. The famous Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi (July 20, 1890 – June 18, 1964) who is known for his endlessly changing arrangements of bottles, bowls and jars before capturing them on a canvas, has now been given a new lease of life through the experience we are given through the medium of Pedrazzini's candles.

Each candle of 'Le Morandine' series has an opaque and chalky look. They are individually handmade through a method of casting and they have an etched ''weave'' pattern, finished by hand which makes every candle unique. The series was displayed at the Zircumflex gallery in Berlin during the DMY 2011 and DEGNI DI NOTA/Design in Italy, curated by Gianmaria Sforza & Ali Filippini. For those who won't have the opportunity to visit Giorgio Morandi’s house on Via Fondazza 36 in Bologna, Italy, where the famous painter lived and worked from 1910 to 1964, you should definitely give Sonia Pedrazzini permission to bring some of his energy to your house and remind you of the waxy light of his paintings!

Giorgio Morandi in his studio, Bologna 1953
photo by Herbert List (German, 1903-1975)
© Herbert List Estate, Magnum Photos | source

photo © Sonia Pedrazzini

>>You may place these candles around haphazardly or move them around to find the perfect arrangement. Or you may, every morning, or even every hour, change their positioning, either slightly or drastically, in the search for a better arrangement. You may even just move them around on a whim, as a game, or yield to sudden inspiration. Let your gaze pause on these shapes, renditions inspired by those created by Morandi. Let their hues, faithfully taken from his paintings, penetrate you. You may place them on the guiding diagram, which was obtained from Morandi’s very own. Now it is only up to you, and you may do as you please. You can be the artist who plays with the hidden meaning of ordinary shapes and objects.<<
Philosopher and critic Marco Senaldi

photo © Sonia Pedrazzini

photo © Sonia Pedrazzini

photo © Sonia Pedrazzini

photo © Sonia Pedrazzini


Sonia Pedrazzini

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    rai | 2012-03-28 03:28:37

    This is why these candles look familiar to me. I thought I already saw them before, but only on a different medium, from Giorgio Morandi's canvas painting of course. I like these hand-made candles. I wonder how much it'll cost me to purchase the whole set.

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