V.O.W N°23 // The making of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Imagination Installation

published in: Graphics, Art, V.O.W By Stefania Vourazeri, 09 June 2011

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photo © Bombay Sapphire

V.O.W N°23 (6 - 12 June 2011)

Bombay Sapphire inaugurated its ‘Infused with Imagination’ campaign by paying tribute to the heritage and the origins of its product. And there is no better way to launch a new and ambitious global campaign than to incorporate art in order to engage the viewers. A magical specially commissioned artwork, designed by London based illustrator Yehrin Tong, acts as the first chapter of the campaign and here at Yatzer it took us by storm.

A behind the scenes look at the making of Bombay Sapphire's first chapter in a new global campaign, 'Infused with Imagination.'
video © Bombay Sapphire

The artwork: Imagination Installation, is a vast three dimensional piece meticulously crafted using more than 75,000 sparking crystals that took more than 2,500 hours to put together. Consisted by a series of illustrated panels, which have been hand crafted based on Tong’s original designs, the piece reveals its true beauty only when seen from the correct position.

video screen shot, © Bombay Sapphire

The bottle stands as the source of imagination where all the different characters on the illustrated panels come to life. The shimmering of the crystals conveys an unparallel beauty to each one of the characters, which unravel as the viewer pass by the installation. When seen from different angels, the piece reveals a new imaginative story and becomes a glorious hymn to the Bombay Sapphire’s story.  The characters, which are part of the installation, represent the different aspects of the story that the brand wishes to convey. The lion and panther convey pride, luxury and sensuality. The peacock stands for exuberance, elegance and the exotic whereas the phoenix represents the idea of imagination encourages rebirth, new ideas and innovation.

video screen shot, © Bombay Sapphire

video screen shot, © Bombay Sapphire

The brand stands for the traditional and the exclusive. The botanicals used to make the gin are hand-selected from different locations around the world and yet the gin is made using a Carterhead still purchased by the Dakin family in 1831. The installation, which is inspired by the word ''infused'', encompasses the brand’s history and its imaginative approach to the art of gin making. Well acclaimed photographer Richard Foster, has closely worked with the designers and Yehrin Tong in order to perfectly interpret in a two-dimensional way the essence of the concept without loosing its magical essence when seen in real life.

video screen shot, © Bombay Sapphire

special Thanks to BOMBAY SAPPHIRE (Greece)



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