The Liquides Perfume Bar in Marais, Paris

published in: Interiors By Guest, 28 April 2013

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photo © Liquides, Paris.

Text by Christina Katsaouni for

Paris is consolidating its status as one of the world's perfume capitals not only through its long history but keeping the tradition alive and offering perfume lovers a real kind of experience. In triggering our senses, the traditional is upheld but with a new and modern twist.

The new concept perfume-bar in Paris born from the association of David Frossard's Different Latitudes’, a label for independent perfumers, and designer Philippe Di Méo, is the place to find refined and original fragrances. Liquides’ glazed black facade proudly displaying the golden letters L.I.Q.U.I.D.E.S and its prominent position on a crossroad make it impossible to miss.  Here you’ll find everything from rare personalized perfumes, to classic scents from well-known and loved perfume houses including Byredo, Miller Harris, Odin, Frapin, Arquiste, Parfums d’empire, Jardins de France and Olfactive Studio.

photo © Liquides, Paris.

David Frossard and Philippe Di Méo, photo © Liquides, Paris.

On the deco side of things, everything has been designed by Philippe Di Méo who created a perfume bar to accommodate both the perfumes as well as his intriguing Liquides Imaginaires symbolic fragrances which were previously only available at L'Eclaireur, the well-known fashion boutique in the Marais. The three limited edition scents with their Latin names, Sancti, Fortis and Tumultu, represent three different interpretations of the incense theme brought to life through a sacred dimension where their decorative bottles feature various religious symbols from Christianity to Kabbalah, Islam and Paganism.

photo © Liquides, Paris.

photo © Liquides, Paris.

photo © Liquides, Paris.

photo © Liquides, Paris.

photo © Liquides, Paris.

The candles of ''Les Liquides Imaginaires'' series, photo © Heuduck / RESO.

''The word perfume comes from the Latin per fumus meaning ''through smoke''. Religious ceremonies evoked this reaction through the burning of incense and resins. Perfume played its first role in the sacred as an offering to the gods. Seduction and enchantment is its latest incarnation.''
Les Liquides Imaginaires

FORTIS / PARFUM OF REINCARNATION from Les Liquides Imaginaires series, perfumer: Sonia Constant, photo © Daniel Sannwald.

Sancti, Fortis and Tumultu from Les Liquides Imaginaires series of perfumes, photo © Heuduck / RESO.

Tumultu / PARFUM OF ABANDONMENT from Les Liquides Imaginaires series, perfumer: Jacques Huclier, photo © Daniel Sannwald.

photo © Liquides, Paris.

A film by Daniel Sannwald, video © Liquides, Paris.

Teaming up with Louis Roederer champagne house, Philippe Di Méo has recently produced a limited edition Jeroboam design for the 2002 cuvée Cristal. The bottle which takes 4 days to produce, costs 26,000 and features 24 carats gold will go on sale at the forthcoming Monaco Grand Prix.


Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m
9 rue de Normandie, 75003 Paris, France.
tel. +33 (0) 9 66 94 77 06

  • friend
    Carla | 2013-10-08 13:56:57

    Magnificent perfume boutique...It is elegant and fresh approach to fragrance retailing....Perfume bar is new concept for me so I love and got good resource...I would really wish to visit this bar.. Thanks

  • friend
    Imran Dockrat | 2014-08-21 13:14:57

    Please furnish me with details of your perfumes as also your price list Thanking You

  • friend
    kelly halverson | 2014-08-30 21:16:09

    Your boutique looks quite magical; just like your city. Can't image a more fitting homage to Paris than coming home from there wrapped in a french scent created just for me. If you could please provide information on how a friend and I can book an appointment, I would greatly appreciate it. Merci, Kelly

  • friend
    Mavis | 2014-09-25 20:37:00

    Dear Sir / Madam, Would you please advise the duration and the price if I want to have a personal perfume? Thank you very much. Mavis

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