It’s An Illusion

published in: Art, Photography By Demetrios Gkiouzelis, 24 April 2013

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Video screenshot © Animal.

''It’s an illusion. Two perfectly valid truths but you can’t see both. Your brain will choose one and lock on it. That’s the nature of illusion”.

Illusions is a stunning mixed-media short film series that explores the concept and nature of illusion. Fascinated by the way famous mind tricks such as the Necker Cube, the Spinning Dancer and M.C. Escher’s endless staircases in ‘Relativity’ deceive the eye by challenging our perception of space, filmmaker Samm Hodges and award-winning video production team Animal invite us to question the way we see the world around us.

The first of eight video instalments, which will be released on a quarterly basis, explores the relationship between our bodies and space by pondering on our very own corporeal form and the nature of our existence within the cosmos. Narrated by Bingo O'Malley with his haunting voice and featuring music by Airhead and Fennesz, the film makes use of exceptional cinematography all the while weaving together scientific notions, existential questions and the art of illusion into a unified body. Mesmerized by the spectacular visuals of the series’ introductory film, we certainly can’t wait for the next one.

Video screenshot © Animal.




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