Give a Bit of Mmh to Me! {NSFW}

11 February 2015 {1} Comment

On the occasion of the release of the much-awaited Fifty Shades of Grey film this week, we have prepared a selection of images that are… well, quite and you could say appropriately in the mood. [...]

Aether Cone: The Thinking Music Player

22 December 2014 No Comments

Meet Aether Cone: a simple and discreet music player that, according to its developers, is ‘‘the first music player that thinks.’’ [...]

Mathieu Cesar Directs ‘Better Love’ Music Video for KCPK

18 September 2014 No Comments

Directed by French photographer Mathieu Cesar, this music video for the new EP ‘Better Love’ by electro band KCPK is a mesmerising black-and-white fashion fantasy that you should definitely watch! [...]

Yatzerhythms By Denovali Records

20 March 2014 {2} Comments

The latest Yatzerhythms mixtape comes from Germany, and was put together by the team behind 'Denovali Records', a label dedicated to supporting experimental musicians from around the world. Get ready for some chill ambient, rich instrumentals and dreamy soundscapes! [...]

The ‘Copenhagen’ Portable And Wireless Speaker by Vifa

20 February 2014 No Comments

Conceived as a durable and iconic design object, the new high-end speaker by Danish audio brand Vifa is set to stand out in the portable and wireless audio systems market. [...]

The Sound Of Mary Katrantzou’s Clothes By SHOWstudio

18 October 2013 {1} Comment

This amazing audio project by SHOWstudio allows you to eavesdrop on Mary Katrantzou and her team whilst they create her latest collection. Can you hear fashion coming your way? [...]

Yatzerhythms by C:CA

05 October 2013 No Comments

The most mysterious Yatzerhythms mixtape is officially here. All you have to do is press play to let this undercover, talented master’s dirty live mix of slow techno and noisy house with alternations and references to classical instruments transmit you to the world of C:CA! [...]

Yatzerhythms by AUN

14 September 2013 No Comments

Our new Yatzerhythms mixtape is a meditative journey of ambient electronica, put together by Montreal-based duo AUN. Time for some early-Autumn daydreaming... [...]