Yatzer's 50 Most Popular Articles in 2014

30 December 2014 No Comments

Around this time of year and every year, we showcase the most popular articles from the past twelve months, based on how many ‘Likes’ each story has received from our followers. [...]

Matt Shlian: The Unconventional Artist and Paper Engineer Talks to Yatzer

27 November 2014 {3} Comments

Artist and designer Matt Shlian is a self-professed paper engineer whose work is something of a hybrid between art and science. With a proclivity for both geometry and the medium of paper, he is currently using origami to help engineers consider their work in three dimensions. [...]

Rising Design Stars 'Chudy and Grase' talk to Yatzer

02 November 2014 No Comments

Only a couple of months after they both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), Nils Chudy and Jasmina Grase seem to be the design duo set to conquer Europe. [...]

The First Corporate Identity of The Bauhaus-Archiv Museum in Berlin

30 September 2014 {1} Comment

54 years since its inception, the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum in Berlin is set to debut its first-ever corporate identity. Meet Sascha Lobe, creative director of Stuttgart-based design studio L2M3, for a deeper insight into what is his most paramount project. [...]

Thinking Fashion: An Interview with Croatian Fashion Designer Matija Čop

01 September 2014 No Comments

Upcoming Croatian fashion designer Matija Čop talks to Yatzer about the relationship between architecture and fashion, his participation in Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y. video and his current research into ‘‘fashion without clothes.’ [...]

The Blind for The Blind: Choi Xooang Talks to Yatzer

Known for his unearthly but highly intricate human figures, South Korean artist Choi Xooang has been sculpting for the last 10 years. Following his most recent exhibition, The Blind for the Blind at the Galerie Albert Benamou in Paris, Choi Xooang talked to Yatzer about his sculptures and their impact on the viewer. [...]

Art in Sleep Paralysis by Nicolas Bruno

Halfway between sleep and consciousness, Bruno enters a haunting dreamscape of faceless figures and lands where mist rises from the grasses in full daylight, places where people bathe with naked shop mannequins, and where bodies fall out of trunks. [...]

Tatoueurs, Tatoués: The Biggest Tattoo Art Exhibition In The World

29 April 2014 {2} Comments
06 May 2014 - 18 October 2015

Curated by Anne and Julien, editors of ‘outsider’ art magazine Hey!, well-known French tattooist Tin-Tin, and experts in their field, Pascal Bagot and Sébastien Galliot, the exhibition ''Tatoueurs, Tatoués'' (tattooists, tattooed) traces the history of the tattoo from the 18th century to the present-day.  [...]