What Would A House Designed By Mondrian Or Anish Kapoor Look Like?

16 March 2014 {2} Comments

Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina was happy to take the question seriously, producing a series of playful architecture illustrations as a result. [...]

Heartwarming Cartoon-like Portraits By Geoffrey Guillin

31 January 2014 No Comments

Armed with a child-like fascination about the world and a handful of coloured pencils, French illustrator Geoffrey Guillin creates bright, wide-eyed portraits of real and imaginary characters. [...]

A Brochure Made Entirely Without Energy

20 January 2014 No Comments

Advertising agency Leo Burnett Lisboa has designed, printed and folded a 9-page brochure without any use of electricity, as part of the energy company EDP Group’s awareness campaign about the importance of providing electricity to developing countries. [...]

Nike’s Swoosh Invades The Elevated Realm Of 18th & 19th Century Paintings

07 December 2013 {7} Comments

What initially began as a silly past time has evolved into an interesting (if not plain hilarious) collection of 18th and 19th century paintings mashed up with the Nike logo by Italian creative wunderkind Davide Bedoni. [...]

Systems Print Collection: A Two-dimensional Tribute To Dieter Rams’ Designs

02 December 2013 No Comments

An international group of graphic designers have recently responded to Braun Design’s inherent systematicity by creating a poster for the ''Systems'' exhibition curated by das program, produced in association with Braun. [...]

Impressive Map Illustrations By KHUAN+KTRON

01 December 2013 No Comments

The illustrated maps of Belgium-based KHUAN+KTRON graphic studio combine some serious drawing skill with a good dose of humour. [...]

The World Through The Eyes Of Sammy Slabbinck

25 November 2013 {9} Comments

Forgotten characters from 1950’s magazine advertisements are given a second chance in the surreal collage work of Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck. [...]

Digital Paper Cuts By Eiko Ojala

22 November 2013 No Comments

Estonian illustrator Eiko Ojala creates stunning images by combining paper cutting with digital editing techniques. [...]