The Puzzled Posters of the 2015 Athens & Epidaurus Festival

08 June 2015 No Comments

Fusing the joy of child’s play with references to the Aristotelian principles of Ethos, Pathos and Logos, the visual identity of this year’s Athens & Epidaurus Festival is a bright-coloured celebration of Greek spirit and soul. [...]

Fascinating Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

21 February 2015 {5} Comments

Based in Penang, Malaysia, young Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic describes himself as a fine artist who prefers to work on the street. [...]

Elevations Series by Studio Esinam

10 February 2015 No Comments

The design duo known as studio esinam creates loving portraits of the world's cities for their Elevations project, a series of architectural prints that depict each city's most iconic façades. [...]

Visual Families: Graphic Storytelling in Design and Illustration

02 February 2015 No Comments

The new Visual Families book by Gestalten explores a very popular and efficient kind of visual storytelling. [...]

The Visual Identity of 'Voyageur du Temps' Bakery and Café by Character

28 January 2015 {6} Comments

An old railway station in Los Altos, California, has been transformed into this exquisite new bakery and café by local entrepreneur Rie Rubin, with the help of the creative people at San Francisco-based design agency Character. [...]

Joyful Pessimism and Other Curiosities by Artist Oddly Head

03 December 2014 No Comments

Through richly detailed and masterfully crafted collages and other artworks, visual artist Oddly Head reflects upon difficult present-day social problems with humour and, naturally, a strong sense of beauty. [...]

A Visual Journey into the Olive Groves of Crete

23 November 2014 {6} Comments

GAEA, the Greek food brand, has produced a captivating short film about the olive groves of Crete and the stories of the people who take care of them - released in tandem with a limited edition luxurious gift box. [...]

The First Corporate Identity of The Bauhaus-Archiv Museum in Berlin

30 September 2014 {1} Comment

54 years since its inception, the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum in Berlin is set to debut its first-ever corporate identity. Meet Sascha Lobe, creative director of Stuttgart-based design studio L2M3, for a deeper insight into what is his most paramount project. [...]