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A Moment of One’s Own: Block-Colour Paintings by Stephen Baker

26 March 2015 No Comments

Painter and illustrator Stephen Baker creates abstract paintings of solitary moments, inspired by everyday life in his hometown, Melbourne. [...]

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Compelling Photographic Glitch Art by Sabato Visconti

23 March 2015 No Comments

Brazilian-born photographer and glitch artist Sabato Visconti creates his vivid and dynamic digital paintings by editing image files in unconventional ways. [...]

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A Panorama of Sunsets by Painter Aaron Kinnane

12 March 2015 {1} Comment

Australian painter Aaron Kinnane used only his palette knife to create evocative landscapes of colour for his Sunset Studies series. [...]

Harder, Stronger, Richer: Teeth-Laden Fashion for the 1% by Fantich & Young

05 March 2015 {4} Comments

East London-based artist duo Fantich & Young decorate high-end clothes and shoes with teeth, human hair and bones for their Apex Predator collection of luxury products, designed exclusively for society's Alpha Males and Females. [...]

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Digital Collages and Paintings by Laurindo Feliciano

02 March 2015 {1} Comment

Self-taught Brazilian artist Laurindo Feliciano uses images from vintage magazines to create poignant illustrations about contemporary issues. [...]

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Fleeting Beauty: Watercolours by Alexandra Becker-Black

24 February 2015 {2} Comments

Alexandra Becker-Black's dreamy watercolours seek to capture the grace and harmony of the human body. [...]

Fascinating Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

21 February 2015 {3} Comments

Based in Penang, Malaysia, young Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic describes himself as a fine artist who prefers to work on the street. [...]

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The Broken Realism of Eckart Hahn

15 February 2015 No Comments

A true master of his art, German painter Eckart Hahn draws inspiration from his intuition and fascination about the paradoxes and contradictions of human life. [...]