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Flights of Fancy: Bird Feather Art by Chris Maynard

15 December 2014 No Comments

Meticulous cutting and an imaginative use of colour are to be found in Chris Maynard's work, who likes to cut the figures of birds out of real feathers. [...]

‘Love for Sale’ series by Photographer Chito Yoshida

08 December 2014 No Comments

Join the Love Club, as photographer Chito Yoshida explores Tokyo’s nightlife and takes portraits of the young hosts working at the notorious Club Ai. [...]

The Adamantine Choreography of Benjamin Millepied for Van Cleef & Arpels

06 December 2014 {1} Comment

The high jewellery house of Van Cleef & Arpels presented the premiere of a brand new choreography by Benjamin Millepied during Miami Art Week, featuring a stage set designed by artist Liam Gillick and music by Philip Glass. [...]

Joyful Pessimism and Other Curiosities by Artist Oddly Head

03 December 2014 No Comments

Through richly detailed and masterfully crafted collages and other artworks, visual artist Oddly Head reflects upon difficult present-day social problems with humour and, naturally, a strong sense of beauty. [...]

Natural Beauty: Dreamy Photography by Ines Kozic

29 November 2014 {3} Comments

Most definitely obsessed with nature, young French photographer Ines Kozic also has a particular love for human hair which she weaves and shapes into almost surreal shapes for her portraits. [...]

Matt Shlian: The Unconventional Artist and Paper Engineer Talks to Yatzer

27 November 2014 {2} Comments

Artist and designer Matt Shlian is a self-professed paper engineer whose work is something of a hybrid between art and science. With a proclivity for both geometry and the medium of paper, he is currently using origami to help engineers consider their work in three dimensions. [...]

Permanently Temporary: Atmospheric Object Installations by Nicola Yeoman

22 November 2014 {1} Comment

Illusion or reality? Nothing is what it seems in the work of Nicola Yeoman, who likes to create installations using everyday discarded objects that reveal themselves only from a specific angle. [...]

How Making Breakfast Is Like Rolling a Boulder up a Hill for Artist Lee Materazzi

19 November 2014 No Comments

Battling with everyday life is an eternal beginning for artist Lee Materazzi, a routine of mundane tasks which for her are a bit like pushing a boulder up a hill – again and again … and again. Thankfully she also finds it funny, something which certainly takes the edge off things. [...]