Melvin The Mini Machine by HEYHEYHEY

In early 2012, HEYHEYHEY had some time to spare feeling the need to challenge themselves once again, and this is what they did through the creation of another one of their chain reaction machines called Melvin. [...]

Deconstructed Wall Art by Alexandre Farto, aka VHILS

13 March 2012 {6} Comments

Our cities have been built, erected and fortified through brick, steel, concrete and stone. Many of these cities have been built on political agendas, economic models and aspirations that revolve around growth. For many decades, these architectural surfaces were the canvas of political communication. Alexandre Farto, better known as VHILS, utilizes these surfaces to deconstruct a story while painting a process. [...]

The 50 Most Liked Articles in 2011

25 December 2011 {5} Comments

What we will never forget and what you liked most during 2011. All in one post a few days before the end of the year! [...]

V.O.W N°32 // Gulp-The Making of The World's Largest stop Motion Animation

11 August 2011 No Comments

After shooting the world's smallest stop motion animation, the Sumo Science team has taken on a new challenge; the biggest stop motion animation film! Shot with three Nokia N8 phones on a public beach, the project brought new challenges that proved to be the necessary elements to a spectacular creative product. [...]

V.O.W N°28 //Horses - A 3D paper-craft poster project

14 July 2011 No Comments

These out of these world music posters were developed by FOAM’s Xavier Barrade for Dry the River and their latest song, Horses. Check out these 3D posters that make everyone stop and notice. [...]

V.O.W N°27 // Liberty Vintage Motorcycles - Portrait of a Generation

A short film about resilience, devotion and passion. Adam Cramer lets us inside his Philadelphia garage where he revives vintage motorcycles. With hundreds of bikes, he speaks about our lack of pride in building and the importance of craft not for you but for the spirit of a nation. A fascinating character and a well shot film. Enjoy it! [...]


23 June 2011 No Comments

The fateful death of Alexander McQueen comprised for many an inspiration, an irrepressible force to create on the name of the remarkable craftsman. Today, alongside the ragingly popular Alexander McQueen exhibition at the MET Museum in New York, Yatzer presents us the video- acoustic work of Babette Pauthier  ‘God Save McQueen’. [...]

V.O.W N°24 // Yatzer presents ''La Sedia Leggera di Chiavari''

This week’s V.O.W. is dedicated to skill, craftsmanship and tradition.  Segno Italiano preserves the same wood-working techniques for the past 200 years, and sets itself to its first challenge – the chairs of Chiavari.  Wood may be thought of as a blank canvas which becomes something creative through manipulations,  and the excellence of the connoisseur artisan. [...]