Generator Hostels: A Design Dynamo Destination

27 August 2013 {3} Comments

We all want to socialise in the hippest lobbies before a wild night out in cities like Barcelona or Berlin before collapsing upon comfortable beds afterwards. Generator Hostels fit the bill offering high-end design at budget prices. Could they have the winning magic formula for low-cost urban travel accommodation? [...]

Inside The Composite Images Of Erik Almås

25 August 2013 {1} Comment

Commercial photographer Erik Almås creates extraordinary worlds that go far beyond the norms of reality in his new campaign for Dassault Systèmes. [...]

Biribildu: Greek Souvlaki Under The Big Top

23 August 2013 {2} Comments

Aimed at entertaining customers whilst serving the ubiquitous Greek, fast food staple, otherwise known as ‘souvlaki’, Birbilidu’s bold colours, rich circus motifs and vintage graphics transport diners into another world whilst providing a one of a kind dining experience.  [...]

Rétrofuturs By Stéphane Massa-Bidal

22 August 2013 No Comments

French visual artist and Semiotician Stéphane Massa-Bidal, a.k.a. Rétrofuturs, mixes up language, typography and collage with just the right amount of pop culture sarcasm. [...]

MO-TO: Modern Vintage Toy Cars {From Throwback To Comeback}

21 August 2013 No Comments

At heart MO-TO cars is a series of refined wood blocks on wheels. With their elegant proportions reminiscent of iconic 1960’s automobiles, minute and complex carving details, perfectly smooth rubber tires and lively graphics, they make for  stunning toys. [...]

Aman Canale Grande Hotel, Venice, Italy

20 August 2013 {14} Comments

''On a warm summer evening, the sun was setting, casting a golden glow all over the Floating City. The hordes of tourists had all left and romance was in the air as my water taxi gently bobbed up and down along the meandering Grand Canal, when suddenly the two roof top obelisks of the Palazzo Papadopoli, the home of the new Amanresort in Venice, appeared.'' [...]

Yatzerhythms by KAUF

18 August 2013 No Comments

LA based electronic wunderkind KAUF has created an exclusive post-house mix for Yatzer full of memorable, shimmering melodies. [...]

Bret Easton Ellis Narrates A Murder In Placebo's 'Too Many Friends' Music Video

13 August 2013 {1} Comment

British alternative rock band PLACEBO has released the music video for the track ''Too Many Friends'', the first single from their upcoming album ''Loud Like Love''. [...]