Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton

16 November 2012 {3} Comments

A humorous and clever conceptual project that converts our many adventures on our bicycles,  taking those memories into a taxidermy mounting process. Whether you cruise, mountain or flatland, remember those memories and have your handle bars mounted on a plaque. [...]

House on Faroe Road by Paul+O Architects in West Kensington, London, UK

15 November 2012 {3} Comments

Paul+O Architects have altered our perception of Faroe Road in West Kensington, London, UK, by simply bringing the contemporary to the Victorian procession. [...]

'Inspirations Parisiennes' by Dior for Printemps

14 November 2012 No Comments

What do 2000m of light chains, 250 Christmas trees and 6 hot air balloons amount to? The answer: Printemps’ Christmas displays as masterminded by Dior, a creative synergy between a quintessentially French department store and a quintessentially French Maison, to celebrate the jolliest time of the year! [...]

Best of INTERIEUR 2012 by Yatzer

12 November 2012 {5} Comments

Curator Lowie Vermeersch was obviously on a mission to purge the world from anything remotely resembling ugliness, methodically transplanting his best art, design and architecture finds to Kortrijk, a small Belgian town for Biennale INTERIEUR 2012. Yatzer was there to witness the whole thing unravel over the course of nine days. [...]

Silent Manifesto: Maison Martin Margiela with H&M

12 November 2012 No Comments

Hundreds of people hit the streets of San Francisco in anticipation of Maison Martin Margiela’s collaboration with H&M launching this week. [...]

Valentino: Master of Couture

08 November 2012 {1} Comment
29 November 2012 - 03 March 2013

Somerset House will open its doors on 29 November 2012, with a tribute exhibition to all women that aspire to their ideal beauty. Valentino is at Somerset House and he is the ‘Master of Couture’. [...]

A Tour Inside The Ateliers Hermès in Pantin, France

07 November 2012 {5} Comments

Here’s the one thing you’ll learn NOT to do when visiting the Hermès workshop in Paris: leave your bag on the floor! Their Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré boutique is a world unto itself and is sure to forever change your perspective on the most essential fashion accessory in the world. [...]

Café Craft by POOL in Paris, France

06 November 2012 {2} Comments

It might be easy to find a caffeine pit stop in Paris. However, coming across an amazing coffee in an even more amazing city takes some searching. In one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Café Craft holds its own as a destination for anyone with a craving for superior caffeine and incredible design. [...]