Karaköy Rooms by RunArchitects in Istanbul,Turkey

The Karaköy Rooms in Istanbul have us jumping for joy about exposed piping and dark ceilings; a true Turkish delight in every sense. [...]

Mosaico // A New Striking Building in Athens, Greece

Piece together the dream of living somewhere striking and modern with a sense of innate creativity and history, put together with the comfort of a range of features and eco-credentials, and voila, you have a place called Mosaico, a striking new building in Athens, Greece. [...]

‘The Voracity’ by Anna Williams

What do a fairy tale witch, a bullet-ridden roast chicken and a carnivorous plant have in common? Not very much, unless you’ve entered the hallucinatory world of visionary photographer Anna Williams. [...]

Papabubble by Yuseke Seki & Jaime Hayon in Yokohama, Japan

26 June 2012 No Comments

Papabubble takes on a new direction by bringing in Yusuke Seki and Jaime Hayon to collaborate on their latest Yokohama location in Japan. Taking on the same process as their artisan candy, Seki and Hayon use a blank canvas to create an artisan space that speaks to both their craftsmanship and vision of the brand. [...]

O (Omicron) - A Permanent Mapping Installation by AntiVJ

25 June 2012 No Comments

An iconic structure celebrating form, mass and its history becomes a cinema experience through light and sound projection mapping. AntiVJ successfully delivers a challenging request to blend history with technology in order to create a timeless experience. We are excited to bring you a tasteful look at this unique delivery of art, light and sound. [...]

A Former Prison is Converted Into a Civic Center by EXIT Architects in Palencia, Spain

24 June 2012 No Comments

Spending centuries of being ignored and frowned upon, now with a renovation by EXIT Architects, this building is the center of where everyone is running to for  the ubiquitous  ‘cultural good time’. One’s prison cell is another One’s source of knowledge. [...]

An Iconic Beetle Becomes A Sculpture

Taking an iconic shape known across the globe and turning it into an environmental sculpture puts the iconic language of our mass produced culture into perspective. The 1989 Volkswagen chassis is turned into a light framework of iron wires and given a somewhat transparent appearance. [...]

Ciel de Paris by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

20 June 2012 {1} Comment

Situated on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, the Ciel de Paris restaurant makes an awe inspiring amber glowing statement on the Parisian skyline. Like a Barbarella set, it surrounds you like a bubble, encompassing the sleek 1960's space influenced aesthetic. [...]