COLOUR ONE for MINI by Scholten & Baijings

29 April 2012 {1} Comment

MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2012: At Salone del Mobile 2012, MINI presented the COLOUR ONE for MINI installation by Scholten & Baijings which explored the design of a MINI One by examining its composition down to the smallest details and, in so doing, dissecting the design process per se. [...]

The Courage To Create // TEDxThessaloniki 2012

29 April 2012 {1} Comment

What is creativity if not a struggle for freedom; a fight against what impedes progress, a source of constant tension and the ability to turn adversities into advantages at the end of the day? That was the answer the  creative team from TEDxThessaloniki in effectively communicating this year's topic ''The Courage to Create'' into a holistic creative concept. [...]

Aérial by Baptiste Debombourg

29 April 2012 {1} Comment
14 April 2012 - 20 May 2012

A wave of broken glass is the specifically conceived in Situ Installation by French artist Baptiste Debombourg whose work will be the first part of a series of shows titled 'Spiritual Ground' transforming the Column of Hall of the former Benedictine Abbey into a cultural space. [...]

Grand Hotel Villa Cora in Florence, Italy

28 April 2012 {1} Comment

The Grand Hotel ‘Villa Cora’, in Florence is like a Queen who has been brought back to her glory. We bow to you and to your restorers. Welcome back your Majesty.! [...]

Gilles & Boissier Architects For Moncler

26 April 2012 No Comments

MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2012: On the occasion of Milan Design Week, the famous brand Moncler joins forces with the renowned French duo architects Gilles & Boissier to transform the iconic quilted jacket into a design armchair with the titillating name ‘Sit on my Doudoune’. [...]

Strictly For Coffee Lovers: DECAFE by Raúl Laurí Pla

26 April 2012 {2} Comments

Spanish designer Raúl Laurí Pla’s DECAFE project was definitely a Yatzer favorite during this year’s Milan Design Week. and proudly won the first prize at this year’s Salone Satellite Awards. A stimulating and highly innovative project that reflects a most common everyday used material, which is none other than coffee! [...]

Waddenzee by Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters

26 April 2012 No Comments

MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2012: Discover a porcelain series emerged from the sea that lies in the north of the Netherlands, Germany and west of Denmark, namely the Wadden Sea, which also became a World Heritage Site in 2009. [...]

In Dialogue With A Natural Phenomenon | Gravity Stool by Jólan van der Wiel

25 April 2012 {1} Comment

MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2012: The Gravity Stool designed and produced by Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel proudly ‘defies’ gravity embracing magnetism as the force that shapes the form  of the final product.  [...]