The porcelain world of Laura Pregger

published in: Design By Guest, 07 January 2010

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LP 09 // D5.2.1« Porzellan, 2009 // Image Courtesy of Laura Pregger

Guest Contribution by Katerina Biliouri

Laura Pregger is a Swiss designer who lives and works in Basel and her work is part of cooperation//STANDARD.

Industrially manufactured porcelainware forms the basis of her work. Pregger separates the porcelain from it’s function and history, treating it only solely as material. Based on the theory of ready-mades she manages to deconstruct, decontextualise, reconstruct and recontextualise.  Therefore, plates and bowls are cut, recombined, lasered and transformed into innovative and useful objects. Bowls become lightbowls, as well as a smart alternative to bathroom shelves like her "tea and cake in the bathroom" design.
The porcelainware's simple and familiar forms, curves and colour add simplicity and minimalism in all of Pregger's designs. This familiarity of porcelainware makes her work traditional and contemporary, strange and familiar at the same time.

LP 09 // D3.2.1« Porzellan, 2009 // Image Courtesy of Laura Pregger

For those of you who want to see her work closely, Laura Pregger will be participating as a newcomer at Ambiente 2010 in Frankfurt from the 12th - 16th of February.

discover some of her projects below:

LP 08 // D1.3.1« Porzellan, Kunststoff, 2008 // Image Courtesy of Laura Pregger

LP 08 // D1.6.1«, Porzellan, 2008. // Image Courtesy of Laura Pregger

LP 09 // D3.1.1« Porzellan, 2009 // Image Courtesy of Laura Pregger


Laura Pregger

  • friend
    moritz | 2010-01-08 12:10:01

    amazing work and kind person!!! love these fragile metamorphosis!

  • friend
    salvation | 2010-01-11 16:00:53

    The lady does incredible work, she might signs as designer but for me is an artist!

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