Orthopedic design by Kouichi Okamoto

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 25 June 2008

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updates for industrial designer Kouichi Okamoto

plaster lamps (prototypes)

the Industrial designer Kouichi Okamoto founder of "kyouei design" has recently created these inspired plaster lamps.

material : plaster, wooden crutch(stand type), cotton gauze(hanging type)
year : 2008
It is a lamp made of plaster and wooden crutch/cotton gauze.
The designer took the shape from his leg by himself.
note: Plaster of is a type of building material based on calcium sulfate hemihydrate, nominally CaSO4·0.5H2O. It is created by heating gypsum to about 150 °C.

water clock (prototype)

One more latest design by Kouichi Okamoto,  which I'm not really sure how the time goes by!

material : base-ceramic, balls-PP, neodymium magnet, clock movement.
yeah : 2008
size : 20cm x  20cm x  5cm (base)
Movement to which the needle made of the neodymium magnet adhered is built
into the plate made of the ceramic.
Please put a plate/glass, etc. and pour the water into them, and float on the water the balls that attached the neodymium magnets.
The hour hand and the minute hand were divided into N pole and S pole.
The ball that floats on water displays time.
The strongest magnets pull the balls and the balls tick away the time.
It can be used with the water and a glass/plate of your favor.


bulb lantern

An interesting update about Kouichi Okamoto is that his Bulb lantern which was created for designboom mart in Stockholm Furniture fair 2008  is re-produced  and is  available for selling at his online shop


Kyouei design will hold their designer, Kouichi Okamoto's solo exhibition  on the 12th July -13th July , 2008.
at : Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art(Japan)
Designer : Kouichi Okamoto

kyouei design

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