Deliver Takeaway by Kueng Caputo

published in: Design, Travel By Guest, 21 May 2010

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Image Courtesy of Deliver Takeaway

Guest Contribution by Katerina Biliouri

A white minibus with yellow post-it notes was parked at Via Tortona in Milano from April 14th –19th during the Milan Design Week 2010. Honestly. And it was not a shooting for a movie or an ad. It was Deliver Takeaway the new project of the Swiss design duo Kueng Caputo (Lovis Caputo and Sarah Kueng) who thought of a minibus that would carry design ideas instead of people.

Image Courtesy of Deliver Takeaway

Image Courtesy of Deliver Takeaway

During the Milan Design Week, Kueng Caputo wanted to create a distraction that would be based more on the public than the designers. Their aim was the active participation of people in the world of design. Passers-by were invited to stop, contemplate, read other opinions, reply to the simple questions that were posed on a post-it note and stick it on the minivan. Through this interactive mobile installation people were able to express their needs, which is exactly what designers ought to know in order to improve, create and innovate in the world of design. The minibus was transformed into an interactive vehicle of dialogue, where ideas were generated and expressed.

Image Courtesy of Deliver Takeaway

Deliver Takeaway is an open source project and all the ideas have been gathered by Kueng Caputo on an online database where one can see the answers to the design questions or submit answers. A white minibus that takes us for a ride in the never ending journey of design!

Image Courtesy of Deliver Takeaway

Image Courtesy of Deliver Takeaway


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