Cardboard sounds great!

published in: Design, Exhibitions By Costas Voyatzis, 26 June 2010

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Photo (c) Marino Thorlacius

As a proud owner of a ceramic speakers set designed by American designer Joey Roth, which arrived in my office in the beginning of 2010 as a Christmas gift from "Santa Roth", I was very eager to hear that Roth commissioned nine artists and designers who would modify and reshape his prominent design and I picked out my favorite version of the modified design which was redesigned by Israeli designer-artist Sruli Recht.

Image Courtesy of Joey Roth

But let's take it from the beginning.  During this year's ICFF New York Design Week, Joey Roth curated an offsite show called "Sounds Like" which took place at DDCLAB in the Meatpacking District.  For the show, Roth asked nine of his favorite artists and designers, John Pomp, David Lynch, Stanley Ruiz, Tobias Wong, Sougwen Chung, Matthew Waldman, Savania DaviesKeiller & Roberto Crivelloto and Sruli Recht to modify and reshape using their own visual language his widely renowned ceramic speakers which Yatzer featured in December 2009.

Photo (c) Marino Thorlacius

Photo (c) Marino Thorlacius

As if this were not enough, Roth also asked them to work with their favorite musician and produce a sound track to accompany their speaker’s interpretations.  The purpose was simple, during the show the composed soundtracks were being played sequentially through the corresponding artist's speaker system.  Therefore, this is a case of double curating; Roth curated the designers, and they in turn curated the music which was played from their speakers.

Photo (c) Marino Thorlacius

Ben Frost - O God protect me

Sruli Recht modified Roth's speakers and amplifier as he completely stripped them, and redeveloped them into cardboard speaker boxes and an amplifier.  As for his music selection, he collaborated with Ben Frost, an Australian musician who is most widely recognized for his experimental music drawings.  To see the rest of the speaker interpretations just visit the official Sounds Like website.  Also, stay tuned as an exhibition will follow shortly in Los Angeles, California; we don’t have the exact dates yet but you could always log on to the Sounds Likewebsite for more information.  

Photo (c) Marino Thorlacius


Sounds like

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Recht Sruli

About Sruli Recht

Sruli Recht, born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1979 and being a citizen of Australia where he lived and worked for many years, he is now based in Reykjavik of Iceland. He studied Fashion Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia where he subsequently commenced and developed his career primarily as a experimental fashion designer, whereas he then moved on to other forms of design through which he could channel his natural artistic spirit.
For Recht design is not just about making a beautiful object – his conceptions are based upon resonance of process – ‘Its about making things that people didn’t know they needed, but now cant live without’ – perhaps because they are functional, perhaps because they look nice, but mostly because they provide them with a new way of experiencing things in life. It is about making the aesthetic and functional qualities integral parts of our lives.
Sruli Recht’s scope of work encompasses today various forms of design whereas it has attracted awards and partnerships with mega-names such as Alexander McQueen for whom he contributes as pattern-cutter and show piece maker for the brand’s fashion collections.  Besides this, during the past eight years Recht is splitting himself among Film and Video installation costume, R&D of high-tech fabrics, creative direction and consultancy for fashion labels in Austalia and Iceland as also as numerous Made to Measure design projects.

[official website]
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  • friend
    Vacations in India | 2010-06-26 16:17:41

    wow thts unusual speak. cardboard ... !!

  • friend
    Nathan Rodriguez | 2010-06-27 05:12:40

    Kind of inovative design, at first sight it looks to me something that could be onboard of a Cylon starship from the Galactica sci-fi series.

  • friend
    ππ | 2010-06-27 08:29:54


  • friend
    knut | 2010-06-29 18:28:09

    This speakers are already goooood

  • friend
    Ricardo Hernandez | 2010-07-01 07:06:31

    I want my own Roth speakers. Santa please I behaved! Great show at the DDC Lab in the Meatpacking District

  • friend
    Design Outsourcing | 2010-07-13 19:05:44

    It was a great show, but I'm not sure if this cardboard one is my favorite. It looked quite sub-par compared to the other pieces in the show. These pictures are way, way better than the actual piece.

  • friend
    Bruce Mayfield | 2010-09-12 12:29:00

    If cardboard sounds so great then why don't ANY hi-fi companies use it? To those of you who aren't audiophiles: Joey Roth totally ripped off his designs from credible audiophile manufacturers. His "original" design for the amp is a cheap crappy "Class-T" knock-off of 47 Laboratory's "4717 Shigaraki" integrated amplifier which was introduced in or around 2001. The speakers are just a variation on a 3rd generation model known appropriately as the "Norh 3.0" produced by Norh Loudspeakers. Joey Roth, genius speaker designer or design hack?

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