Illum Chair by Damaris & Marc

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 06 July 2009

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Ilium Chair is the new concept design of Damaris&Marc Design Studio from Barcelona.
It combines plastic and wood to create a piece inspired in a female human pelvis bone. In one side we find a single moulded plastic including the main seat and the two front legs. In the other side, two wooden legs are attached to the back of the seat as well as a backrest of the same material joining the two sides of the plastic ilium of the pelvis together. The chair also has a cushion to add comfort.

Damaris & Marc about Illum Chair

This design was conceived while expecting our first child. The pelvis bone is surrounded by muscles and skin giving structure to the human body as well as holding organs and the container where the magic process of creating life takes place. We thought it would be interesting to re-experience the fact of being supported by this bone again so we decided to over-dimension it to an adult human scale and adapt it to a lounge chair's function.

Since we think that love is very much related to life, we also wanted to include this element in the backrest of the seat. With it's strong resemblance to a ribcage with a series of slats going along a column allows a space to the heart, symbol of love, and also the first beat as a signal of a starting life.
The backrest joins the two sides of the seat, as the ribcage is connected to the pelvis, as the heart to a growing being, as love to life.


Damaris & Marc

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    TAHIR RAFIQUE | 2014-08-27 13:25:39

    These are really fantastic chairs. What will its price? Can you send me as a promotional/ introductory item. Regards. TAHIR

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