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published in: Interiors, Books By Yatzer, 28 May 2008

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cover of "h" book

John Deloudis “h” book by Papasotiriou publications, due to be released in June 2008.
Some of the most interesting Greek personalities have opened their doors for this breathtaking collection of modern & eclectic houses. Dynamic spaces, beautiful interiors.. John Deloudis has brought together a selection of apartments from Greece, so astonishing, and so inspiring that you very well might not know what hit you!

In the book you will find the architect and interior designer's names for each house.  The architect list contains names such as  I.S.V., Harry C.Bougadellis , Yorgos Merlos, Kostis Theodorakis, William Sawaya, Dmitris Agiostratitis, Nikos Haritos, Katerina Diakomidou, Dimitris Amorgianos, Zege and Panos Zouganelis. The interior design list contains names such as Angelopoulos Angelos, Kirios Criton, Sofi Deloudis, Stavros Papayannis,Ileana Tounta, Yorgos Petridis, Tasoula Panagiotopoulou and Maria Dimitriadis.

The shootings of the houses are made by the following photographers: studio Phobia, Vangelis Paterakis, Vangelis Makris, Periklis Thouas, Vangelis Rokkas and Vassilis Scopelitis.

All the apartments are furnished with products from international design companies, such as B&B Italia, Cassina, Cappellini, Giorgetti, Promemoria, Porro, Flexform, Sawaya & Moroni, Living Divani and more....Such products can be found exclusively in John Deloudis stores in Greece. (for local inhabitants)

The "h" book's presentation is on Monday the 9th of June  in John Deloudis central store (Kifissias Avenue 217 & 2 Parnassou str, Marousi, Athens, Greece)

"h" book credits

Concept: Konstantinos Deloudis
Design: Stage Design Office
Creative Director: Stavros Papayannis
Art Director: Vassilis Papadopoulos
Graphic Design: Konstantinos Palaiologos

: Antonis Katsouris
Translations: Nikos Maras
Proof reading: Myrto Antonopoulou

ISBN 978 960 7182 142


John Deloudis, Papasotiriou

  • friend
    Monsieur Design | 2008-05-28 20:49:03

    oh gorgeous! that makes me want to return to greece sometimes.

  • friend
    Dimitris Naoumis | 2008-05-31 13:57:42

    Hello, I would like to give you my best wishes for your new h book that you are going to publish. I m sending you a link in order to have a look at a recent project. http://monsieurdesign.blogspot.com/

  • friend
    KG | 2008-06-02 07:58:10

    where can I buy this book? Will it be available on Amazon?

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