Kolmio+LIM Nail Salon By Yusuke Seki In Osaka, Japan

12 March 2014 {1} Comment

Kolmio+LIM nail salon in Osaka, Japan, by designer Yusuke Seki is a calm and soothing space full of poetic and playful elements inspired by the venue’s name and usage. [...]

The Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm At The Diamond Of The Alps

10 March 2014 {2} Comments

The Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm is situated in the most central point of this well renowned ski area famous for its high altitudes and guaranteed snow; the perfect setting to showcase sleek contemporary experiences to jack that heart rate up, and for a number of reasons. [...]

The Desert House: A Landmark Of American Organic Architecture by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

05 March 2014 {3} Comments

If you’ve been looking to buy an avant-garde private residence overlooking the Californian desert, then this might just be your lucky day: made out of curvy cast-concrete forms, red metals, glass and stone, the Desert House is one of the best-known works of American pioneer of organic architecture Kendrick Bangs Kellogg – and it’s for sale! [...]

Could You Imagine Your Life Without Colour?

02 March 2014 {1} Comment

Dulux has released a new commercial which takes place in an imaginary world where all colour is strictly forbidden. Could you imagine your life without colour? [...]

Seriously Playful: The New Showroom Of Roderick Vos Studio In Den Bosch, The Netherlands

01 March 2014 {1} Comment

Cheerful and bright (unlike Dutch weather), the new showroom of design office Roderick Vos Studio in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, blurs the lines between consumers and producers, shop and office, work and play. [...]

Merging The Past With The Future: ''Halle A'' Work Space by Designliga

27 February 2014 {2} Comments

Munich based Designliga’s Halle A is yet another example of a different spin on the modern-day office which interestingly also bridges the gap between the 21st century digital age and the labour focused work environment of the last century. [...]

The American Trade Hotel In The 
Historic Casco Viejo District Of Panama City

23 February 2014 {2} Comments

The American Trade Hotel stands at the ecological and cultural crossroads of the Americas, near the edge of the Panama Canal, in the Old Quarter of bustling Panama City - a meeting place for influencers, creatives and cultures from around the world. [...]

The Refurbished 'Lionel Sonkes' Optical Shop In Brussels, Belgium

13 February 2014 {1} Comment

Famed Brussels-based optician Lionel Sonkes commissioned architect Nicolas Schuybroek and interior designer Marc Merckx to give his shop a facelift. We need no glasses to see that they have done an amazing job. [...]