Between Heaven And Earth: A Residence In Melides, Portugal by Manuel Aires Mateus And SIA Arquitectura

27 January 2014 {1} Comment

Designed by SIA Arquitectura Studio in collaboration with renowned architect Manuel Aires Mateus, this imposing residence situated in the rolling hills of southwest Portugal incorporates bold geometric forms without missing its purpose as a tranquil rural getaway. [...]

When A Copper Roof Steals The Show In A Working Environment...

21 January 2014 No Comments

Copper seems to be the new trend in product design, but seeing it applied on a faceted roof on a pair of Georgian town houses in London’s Bloomsbury district takes this trend to a whole other level; discover The Great James Street Office Building by Emrys Architects. [...]

A Private Apartment by Joseph Dirand In Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, France

12 January 2014 {2} Comments

The 350m² apartment itself is located on the first floor of an hôtel particulier (a grand French townhouse, usually a wealthy family’s abode) and if its interiors don’t wow our readers, the 250m² terrace surely will. In densely populated Paris, this townhouse is a rare find indeed. [...]

Cinematic Suspense Meets Domestic Calmness In Fairhaven Beach House by John Wardle Architects

04 January 2014 No Comments

Boasting an unbelievable view over Victoria’s southern coast in Australia, the Fairhaven Beach House by John Wardle Architects offers a warm and immersive living experience with a cinematic twist. [...]

A World Of Wine: Quinta de Lemos by Carvalho Araújo Architects In Silgueiros, Portugal

23 December 2013 {3} Comments

Located inland 50 miles from Coimbra close to the town of Silgueiros in Portugal, the property is an all-encompassing venue focused on the art of wine drinking for the family-run wine brand Quinta de Lemos and encompasses a restaurant, guesthouse and wine cellar. [...]

The Ideal Portable House By ÁBATON Architects

13 December 2013 {1} Comment

This prefabricated stylish little home by ÁBATON architects can be easily transported and placed almost anywhere, making it ideal for that isolated cottage retreat you were planning to build. [...]

PASTArchitecture: The Gourmand’s Brittle Pasta Constructions

09 December 2013 No Comments

Under the Italian title ''Tradizione, Costruzione'', set designer Gemma Tickle and photographer Aaron Tilley joined forces to create five different settings made of five different types of pasta as they pay homage to Italian architecture for the latest issue of ''The Gourmand'' food and culture journal. [...]

Paul Smith’s Cast-Iron Fronted Store In London

05 December 2013 {2} Comments

With its unique bold cast-iron front, by 6a Architects, with geometric spirals that recall Paul Smith’s signature stripe, the new extended store acts as a showroom for Smith’s favourite and most exclusive pieces from his current lines.  [...]