Back to Work: Art Meets Fashion at the ‘Workwear’ Exhibition in Milan

21 August 2014 No Comments

What is the dress code for an imaginary job? Find out at the ‘Workwear’ fashion exhibition at Milan’s Triennale, open until 31 August 2014. [...]

Artist JR turns the Panthèon in Paris INSIDE OUT

25 June 2014 {1} Comment

While you may miss the breathtaking view from the dome of the Panthèon in Paris due to restoration works, a new artistic intervention by JR offers more than enough reason to still visit the awe-inspiring monument this summer. [...]

The Blind for The Blind: Choi Xooang Talks to Yatzer

06 June 2014 {1} Comment

Known for his unearthly but highly intricate human figures, South Korean artist Choi Xooang has been sculpting for the last 10 years. Following his most recent exhibition, The Blind for the Blind at the Galerie Albert Benamou in Paris, Choi Xooang talked to Yatzer about his sculptures and their impact on the viewer. [...]

Flesh Mirror by Anders Krisár at Christian Larsen Gallery in Stockholm

15 May 2014 - 15 June 2014

A rigorous search for what is perfect and pure takes us back to the unpredictable and messy world of human emotion, as Anders Krisár’s latest solo exhibition at Christian Larsen Gallery reveals. [...]

Lee Bul: Shaping Science Fiction Fantasies Out of Crystal and Glass

17 May 2014 No Comments

Known for being science-sceptical but also for strongly criticizing society’s search for utopia, South Korean artist Lee Bul creates sinister but also visual astounding works depicting the progress of humanity. [...]

The Magnified Beauty of Fauna by Katerina Kaloudi

08 May 2014 - 27 May 2014

Under a set of specific circumstances and with the appropriate equipment, strength, patience and a high level of sensitivity, Greek photographer Katerina Kaloudi pays a heavenly tribute to the beauty of fauna. [...]

Watch This Tattoo Machine Pumping Ink in Slow Motion

06 May 2014 No Comments

Check out this short film by tattoo artist GueT, showing a tattoo machine in painfully slow-motion, and all your questions about how a tattoo is done will be answered. [...]

A Force of Nature: Studio Formafantasma Transforms Volcanic Rocks into Design Objects

04 May 2014 No Comments

Italian design duo Formafantasma have created an experimental yet utterly beautiful and well-crafted new collection of design objects, inspired by the dark rocks and surrounding culture of two of the last active volcanoes in Europe, Etna and Stromboli. [...]