Those Who Don't Jump Will Never Fly

30 September 2013 {11} Comments

On the 13th of September 2013, I arrived to one of the most beautiful, if not most photographed, islands in Greece. The island of Santorini. Although the purpose of my visit was actually to write an article about the unique architecture of the island, my plans changed completely! [...]

Bergen International Festival Office By Eriksen Skajaa Architects

29 September 2013 No Comments

Norway based Eriksen Skajaa Architects' design for the office space for the Bergen International Festival in Norway follows a unique and intriguing new model allowing flexibility and changes according to the process phase the client is in.  [...]

The Art Of Dehydrating Food By Marco Villa Mateos

27 September 2013 No Comments

Dehydrating natural produce is a technique that civilizations around the globe have used since ancient times to preserve their food; however when beautiful and austere design brings the process back to life, so to speak, then it becomes something to talk about… [...]

Eyescream & Friends

25 September 2013 {4} Comments

A small ice cream shop in Barcelona wins the 2013 Restaurant And Bar Identity Award for their color palette and the many pairs of eyes implemented into their identity and customer experience.  [...]

Unbelievable Carpet Drawings With Ballpoint Pens by Jonathan Bréchignac

21 September 2013 {4} Comments

Illusions in ink: the pen drawings of French illustrator Jonathan Bréchignac not only look like real-life woven carpets, they even take as long to complete. [...]

Zerogloss Design Store In Vicenza, Italy

21 September 2013 No Comments

The building of an old 60's factory in Vicenza, Italy, has been transformed into the Zerogloss Design Store. The essential layout inspired by the atmosphere of the former industrial space designed by Francesco Innocenti of the Italian Officina 11 Studio. [...]

Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center In Hungary By Foldes Architects

20 September 2013 No Comments

The iconic Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center lays 200 km West of the capital Budapest, and has been realised following a national architectural contest announced in 2009 by the Celldomolk City Council, when Foldes Architects celebrated their winning entry from the competing 44 projects. [...]

''AD Essence'' By Architectural Digest

20 September 2013 {1} Comment

The BMW Group in cooperation with the German AD have created ''AD Essence'', a digital interactive magazine available for iOS and Android devices completely free of charge. [...]