Yatzerhythms by Anna Maria X

25 February 2013 No Comments

Brace yourselves, it's time for Yatzerhythms #No3! This time around, our recurring mixtape comes courtesy of Anna Maria X, a purebred Athenian dance goddess [...]

New Horizon Cinema By BUCK.ARCHITEKCI In Wrocław, Poland

25 February 2013 {1} Comment

Creating a grand space suitable for movie screenings, exhibitions, events, meetings and workshops,  is hard enough. Doing it a limited budget and in just over 4 weeks, well that’s nearly impossible. [...]

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A Felt Food Feast by Bees Felt Market

25 February 2013 No Comments

We've all heard moms or dads tell their children ''Don't play with your food!'' Well, this new eco-friendly felt product defies that common phrase by encouraging children to do just that and play with these fun, colorful, food items! [...]

MOX NOX: Gothic Fairy Tales In Athens, Greece

23 February 2013 {1} Comment

Designer Pericles Kondylatos uses a brilliant selection of Greek couture as the canvas for his show-stopping jewelry in a photo shoot by Sylwia Makris, that’s 50% dream - 50% nightmare and 100% stunning. [...]

大塚呉服店 By Yusuke Seki In Kyoto, Japan (Strictly For Kimono Lovers)

22 February 2013 {2} Comments

A store in a quiet Kyoto neighborhood attempts to bring the tradition of the kimono back to the masses. Architect, Yusuke Seki, has sculpted an exquisite space that locates the product front and center of this two level store that provides a mix of art, history and retail. 

Discover 大塚呉服店/Otsuka Gofukuten. [...]

A Family House By Pitsou Kedem Architects In Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel

21 February 2013 {3} Comments

Pitsou Kedem have excited us once more with the completion of a 600sqm residence, where the owner can change his views and the light entering the space constantly. Of course as a guest you can never see the same space twice. [...]

SOMF: Sorority Girls With Signature Style

21 February 2013 {1} Comment

There’s a lot to be said about a woman with signature style, but when a designer nabs that all-elusive ''signature item'', you know they’re about to make history. When their Trompe-l'œil tattoo separates became the most recognizable item on the Greek fashion scene, we knew SOMF was headed for greatness. [...]

Designer Baking By STUDIOLAV: Fashion Has Never Tasted Better

20 February 2013 {2} Comments

Product design innovators STUDIOLAV have come up with a set of kitchen stamps that transform everyday baked goods into small ‘haute couture’ baking marvels. [...]