Inside The Private World Of Felipe Hess

12 December 2012 {7} Comments

For the love of those great designs that have passed us by, Felipe Hess expresses a true passion. Looking inside his private residence in São Paulo, Brazil, we understand where this architect gets his inspiration from. [...]

'Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection' Footwear Collection by Benjamin John Hall

11 December 2012 {1} Comment

A seven piece collection of handmade ‘functioning’ footwear pieces by London designer Benjamin John Hall. Initially conceived as part of an artistic collaboration with fashion designer Alexandra Groover. [...]

Steven Spazuk: Firestarter!

11 December 2012 {2} Comments

French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk was a conventional painter, until one day he discovered soot painting in a lucid dream. When he woke up, he knew exactly what to do: instead of a paintbrush or pencil, he was going to use fire. And he’s never looked back since… [...]

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We Make (NEW) Carpets

10 December 2012 No Comments

WE MAKE CARPETS, is the brainchild of Dutch art collective Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg, the Dutch trio who assembles everyday household items into art installations that resemble carpets. [...]

A WONDERful Residence In Prahran, Victoria, Australia

07 December 2012 No Comments

With Christmas just around the corner, Yatzer is here to remind you that you should still believe in Wonder(s)! Georgina Jeffries and Pip McCully, founders of Australian design practice WONDER, show us their transformation of a Victorian Era house into an extraordinary, minimal creation. [...]

An Instrument For The Sonification Of Everyday Things by Dennis P Paul

05 December 2012 {2} Comments

Dennis P Paul is a designer with a geek streak. As a small kid, he started out with a Lego set, moved on to printing his own T-shirts and by the time he was 10 years old, he was already programming his home computer to make music and graphics. That’s not too different to what he does today – only difference is, his latest invention/art project is way cooler! [...]

Archipelago House by Tham & Videgård Architects in Stockholm, Sweden

03 December 2012 {2} Comments

There are many summer houses that have great views and ideal locations. However none have the Archipelago House’s ability to make us want to write endless scripts about it which incorporate the ideal lifestyle. Architects Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård have inspired us. [...]

The Parlour Dinners; A Supper Club With A Difference

03 December 2012 {2} Comments

Amateur chef Laurin Hackney channels his passion for home cooking into an exclusive supper club that combines food with design: he provides the culinary inspiration and, collaborator Travis Broussard provides the custom-made seating! [...]