Yatzerhythms by Tom Peters

28 December 2012 No Comments

''Life is the dancer and You are the dance''. That is exactly the purpose of Yatzerhythms, a new initiative by Yatzer.com which aims to bring out the beauty of the music industry with mixtapes put together by talented friends around the world.  Our first guest DJ is the Berliner, Tom Peters. [...]

Yatzer's 50 Most Popular Articles of 2012

27 December 2012 {4} Comments

Rediscover THE MOST POPULAR ARTICLES OF 2012, according to the number of Facebook Likes each one received throughout the year. [...]

Human Geographies by Ed Fairburn

24 December 2012 {1} Comment

Painter, scribbler, maker and thinker Ed Fairburn has some very strange habits. As a bored 15-year-old, he glued a stamp on a slice of toast and turned it into a mailable postcard! Since then, he has systematically used the postal system as an alternative gallery space, although his talents have long outgrown the mailbox. [...]

Helmut Newton At The Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece

20 December 2012 {2} Comments
13 November 2012 - 03 March 2013

The Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, Greece, presents a retrospective of the oeuvre of famed fashion photographer Helmut Newton, offering visitors a chance to experience the work of one of the most revolutionary and prolific photographers of the fashion world. [...]

24hrs in Berlin on a smart e-bike!

20 December 2012 {2} Comments

All it took was an invitation from Bettery Magazine - a new digital guide on how to distill the essence of the modern-day metropolis - to suddenly see Berlin through different eyes. Admittedly, the award-winning smart e-bike had something to do with it! [...]

The MIRRORS iPhoneography Project of Hellopanos

16 December 2012 {3} Comments

Mirrors is an ongoing iPhoneography project by Greek visual artist Panos Papanagiotou, aka Hellopanos. The work depicts fragments of urban sceneries captured and composed into a series of architectural photomontages edited entirely through the use of iPhone applications. [...]

SOUK: A 24-hour Lebanese Food Market And Restaurant by K-studio

14 December 2012 {3} Comments

Lebanese food available 24 hours a day in a unique environment that's set in the idyllic Glyfada suburbs on the coastline in Athens, Greece. Yes please! This latest design by K-Studio in Athens is a new foodie destination in the form of a Lebanese market come restaurant called Souk. [...]

'We' Hostel in São Paulo, Brazil

13 December 2012 {2} Comments

The creation of 'We' Hostel in São Paulo, Brazil, was the realisation of a dream for architect Felipe Hess. The opportunity to create a design hostel was one that Hess simply couldn't refuse. [...]