Panton Chair Turns 50

31 December 2009 No Comments

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Panton, happy birthday to you!  Panton Chair celebrates its 50th anniversary and it is our pleasure to invite you to its birthday party as we unveil to you how it reached the half-century mark.  [...]

BEST OF 2009

30 December 2009 {4} Comments

You read them, you loved them, you spread them, you even “twitter.ed” them, and we couldn’t be more proud and thankful! Fifty posts that set 2009 on creative fire and changed our perspective.  Explore the best of the best, the Yatzer-way! [...]

Wooden textiles add a new dimension

30 December 2009 {5} Comments

Elisa Strozyk's wooden textiles re-define the textile-making process. A delightful balance of sculpture, structure, fluidity in one intricate product. A fresh look into what could be the future of textile design. Take a peek at her brilliant work from her MA in Textile Design from the Central Saint Martins in London. [...]

Will you read me? The Mag+ concept

29 December 2009 {3} Comments

Bonnier, in collaboration with Berg, wants us to think about our current magazine reading experience.  With technology evolving, can images, dynamic displays and connectivity be the new norm?  Explore the Mag+ concept as the future digital magazine and take part of the discussion. [...]

A Retrospective of Mexican Artist Gabriel Orozco

29 December 2009 {1} Comment
10 December 2009 - 01 March 2010

Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco is one of the most influential contemporary artists of our time. This winter MOMA presents a retrospective of his work including 80 public and private pieces ranging from photography, sculpture, drawings, and installation, all created over the past decade. [...]

City of Fact/ory by Yaohua Wang

29 December 2009 {2} Comments

Young Chinese architecture student Yaohua Wang has just finished his preparation for his thesis at SCIArc. Wang researched large-scale emergent inland low-cost industries that will be the next main step of China’s development. [...]

Y Residence by Kidosaki Architects

28 December 2009 {2} Comments

The renovation of Y Residence utilizes the magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the lush surrounding environment.  Kidosaki Architects Studio integrates modern and traditional Japanese aesthetic ideas into this starkly contemporary building. [...]

Mode en Module by Mathew Gill & Ann Nelving

24 December 2009 {2} Comments

A London based duo created the quite unique and structural jewellery company with the name Mode en Module. Mathew Gill a graphic designer and Ann Nelving a fashion designer have a very dynamic and precise concept regarding their designs and what they stand for. [...]