Advertising on communicates to an influential population of innovator and adopter buyers. is one of the Web’s most popular, most updated design communities with 900,000 Pageviews per month and over 300,000 unique visitors.

Our readers shape a very dynamic peer society and make up very strong opinion leaders in their own social groups. They are impressive personalities and are extremely passionate about life and its aesthetics in every aspect of their lives. They travel extensively both for business and pleasure and are definitely “international” design enthusiasts. Split evenly amongst the sexes (50% male - 50% female), the majority of Yatzer’s readers fall in the  25 to 44 year age group, and are highly educated and financially mobile. According to a large scale survey conducted at the beginning of 2010, they trust and support Yatzer’s quality and content, evidence of which is definitely the fact that 80% of them visit Yatzer daily/weekly, as well as the fact that 1 out of 4 of these readers actually make purchases triggered and driven by Yatzer’s suggestions and promotions.

It is therefore the quality of our readers that makes Yatzer proud of its accomplishments and our advertisers satisfied with their investment.

The companies/brands that choose to advertise with Yatzer usually operate at the higher end of their industry. On the whole, they possess a comprehensive understanding of the power and dynamics of the Internet and are looking to increase their visibility to highly informed new visitors as well as build and enhance their image and support consistency and measurability across their strategic marketing actions. In using Yatzer as a medium to communicate to a wider global audience, they also take advantage of the momentum of Yatzer’s impressive popularity, thereby sharing and exploiting it to their own ends. Last but not at all least; they realize that moving from the Press to internet communication offers improved targeting, measurability of investments and a much wiser allocation of financial resources.

In light of the above, Yatzer understands and works with client-partners on their brand’s strategy in order to deliver excellent company results as opposed to simply placing advertisers’ banners.

If you are interested in receiving our full media kit or discussing your potential communication plan with Yatzer further, please send us an e-mail at and we will be at your disposal for any further needs and questions.


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