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published in: Design By Ricardo Hernandez, 04 August 2010

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BENDLT by Jennifer Heier // Image Courtesy of Jennifer Heier

It is about that time! Once again we join Arcademi in our effort to bring you guys the best of young talent around the globe.  Yatzer is giving the monthly A Grade to one artist on Arcademi to showcase their work and share with the world. This month we Yatzerized Jennifer Heier, an industrial designer graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany. We enjoyed seeing the exploration, adventure and duplicity she gives to common place objects.  Change is a constant but it can also be an option to change your state within one object. Take a look at how she takes on archetypes and extends its life and state to create new dialogue on our pre-conceived understanding of these pieces.

BENDLT by Jennifer Heier // Image Courtesy of Jennifer Heier

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Heier

We all of use them, the chair, the lamp, the trash bin, all common around our work spaces and homes. These items are part of our daily built environment. We rely on them to break down our daily facets.  We have seen them in different styles, shapes, colors and materials but often they amount to doing its primary function at its only position. Jennifer Heier process involves looking at these primary functions and figuring out how to add a new dimension, a new layer, underneath the same formal body of the object.  She explores overlooked interactions with common place items and creates an extension of function in relation to the user's state.

RELEGS by Jennifer Heier // Image Courtesy of Jennifer Heier

RELEGS by Jennifer Heier // Image Courtesy of Jennifer Heier

Her ReLegs piece transforms task to lounge. With a simple hidden mechanism in the rear legs, it allows a 90 degree turn. This transformation gives new life to the piece but also serves as a contained experience between the users mood or state of being. You no longer have to interrupt two different states by departing one object into another. A simple gesture with big impact!

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Heier

HANDLELIGHT by Jennifer Heier // Image Courtesy of Jennifer Heier

Her work threads the idea of changing states, looking at the object as is but then transforming it with one gesture, simple and effortless. The change is minimal in energy therefore easy to accept and embrace. Her HandleLight piece takes away the pain of looking and extending yourself to find and pull the cables to switch on and off. The lamps is off centered allowing the user to rock the angle and switch on and off. Her approaches demonstrates the natural transformations of objects and user's state. It takes away our mechanical relationship with them and allows us to permeate with them more naturally.

Yatzer and Arcademi continue to look for the best talent that epitomizes our contemporary issues and lifestyles. Who will be next to receive the A Grade from Yatzer? Remember, we feature once a month so stick around!

REFUSE by Jennifer Heier // Image Courtesy of Jennifer Heier


Jennifer Heier

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