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published in: Graphics, Books By Costas Voyatzis, 10 May 2008

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NEWWORK magazine is a large-format newspaper publication for readers who appreciate the value of new ideas. Designed and published biannually by studio NEWWORK, issue no.1 shows a selection of contributors solely from New York.  Seven artists chosen by studio NEWWORK present new ideas and images of art, design, high fashion, culture, and politics. From art directors to business leaders, from design students to curators, audience can find exiting new work and talent.  Since all the pages are separatable, they could be put up on the wall as art pieces. Customized typefaces to reflect each contributors' work stimulate thinking about typography in graphic design.


  • DIMENSIONS:32"x23"
  • PAGE:86


Man who wants to fly
Tiziano Magni

The Most Famous Unknown Artist
Eli Kince

Tiziano Magni

Ron Keyson

Universal Genius
Yuji Takenaka


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