Moooi & Senso & Marcel Wanders // New impressions flooring

published in: Design By Emma Elizabeth, 30 September 2010

Pin It with begins the London Design Festival from the ground up. Marcel Wanders, Alex Dennis, Moooi and Senso have created the most extraordinarily innovative floor design 'impressions' and Emma Elizabeth seeks Marcel & Alex to explain it to us.


LONDON Design Festival 2010

  • friend
    Yawn | 2010-09-30 01:51:28

    who is this host? Her videos are consistently, (unfortunately/disappointingly) overly self-aware, self-indulgent and shallow flash cards. Access to all the biggest names and best content and the material that makes the final films is always such a giggly, mess.

  • friend
    Rebecca | 2010-09-30 02:20:01

    Hey Yawn, what's with the hatoratde. Do you have nothing better to do then spend your time writing nasty comments about people you don't even know. I give this host has a lot of credit, and at least she has the balls to express her opinions with out using a lame alias like Yawn. Thank you Emma for giving us the opportunity to see this light show. It's beautiful.

  • friend
    joce | 2010-09-30 09:48:53

    i agree with Rebecca. Enjoyment of the subject matter and an occasional giggle doesn't equate to uneducated and ignorant. She clearly knows her subject, and is showing the designers as real people. It actually seems to relax the designers and i think she is a breath of fresh air in what can be a stuffy and elitist world. She is the new breed of designer i think!

  • friend
    Yatzerina | 2010-10-01 16:28:14

    1. Hysteria... that's what I feel when I am watching Marcel..!!! Love Love Love Him...!!! 2. Emma, once more your video rocks... (a little bit jealous, but i will over come it...) :-)

  • friend
    patrick | 2010-10-05 01:01:04

    this Marcel Wanders "thing" a sign of really cheap and bad taste. ......even worse than Karim Rashid (or whats his name)

  • friend
    Julio Garcia | 2010-11-16 17:57:05

    Hello design lovers! I recently visited London and I came across a beautiful furniture showroom called Chaplins, which had Moooi, Gandia Blasco, B&B… amongst other lovely brands… I bought a lovely Terzani lamp. Check out their website it’s really nice!

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