Mobileshadows by Stephanie Marin

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 01 September 2008

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Shadows which sway, quiet as clouds in the sky, slowly shaken by the wind.
That’s a proposition of veils to filter the light. Mobile set of elements to be freely suspended in the frame of a window or in separation of space.
They are realized in pure linen veil.
The armature is steel galvanized sheathed and allows numerous contortions. These clouds are supplied with an adjustable cable with height and a magnet that we can fix freely around the shape to position it vertically, horizontally or obliquely.
A choice of thirteen forms and volumes which allows to choose as every horizon, a flexible composition.

Mobileshadows designed by Stephanie Marin, founder of  Smarin Design


Smarindesign , Mobileshadows

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