Martyna Zdanowicz is making a commotion

published in: Art By Costas Voyatzis, 04 March 2008

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..i fell in love at first sight with the Kaboom installation.
As you can imagine, I was so curious to find “who’s behind” it !
Of course during my research, I came across some more artworks from the same “person”!
And there she is… a crazy (see the picture below) and talented young girl

Kaboom installation for The Centre of Contemporary Arts in Gdansk (09- 10. 2007)

selfportrait sculpture

the car project

name: Martyna Zdanowicz
age: 27
Location: London, United Kingdom
Affiliations: Sculpture, Graphic Design

2002-2007 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk/ Faculty of Sculpture
2002-2007 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk/Faculty of Graphic Design

Achievements, exhibitions
09- 10. 2007 !!! – installation for The Centre of Contemporary Arts in Gdansk
07.2007 Art Car Boot Fair, London
05.2007 Pink Flamingo – exibition, Sfinks Club,Sopot
05.2007 2nd place in Ergo Hestia competition for young artists
04. 2006 3rd reward in Samsung Artmaster - competition for students and graduates of Academies of Arts
04-06.2006 drawing exibition in National Museum, Gdansk
since 2003 permanent installation in “LAZNIA”-Centre of Contemporary Arts in Gnansk



MZ at oroflot , MZ at myspace

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