Kurage lighting series

published in: Design By Yatzer, 18 August 2008

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project description "Kurage3" by schemata
"We made the third of Kurage. This kurage changed 1.0mm into 1.5mm, and enlarged the size. As a result, the illuminance went up, too.
There are 4 types of forms. This time, I first changed the size of the optical fiber from 1mm to 1.5mm, the size of the main body has grown along with it, too. The size grew and the illuminance went up.
Kurage is composed of optical fiber. By bending the optical fiber, the whole area is illuminated outside of the immediate area of the light, and together, they can make very soft light. The brightness can be adjusted by the size of the curve."

material:optical fiber1.5Φ
light source:LED
type: 001~004
charge:Ruo Magota
technical cooperation:Izumi Okayasu
photo:Takumi Ota


Schemata Architecture Office Ltd.

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