The New Damir Doma Store In Paris

published in: Fashion By Kerry Flint, 31 March 2013

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photo © Adrien Dirand

The first flagship Damir Doma store, in Paris, designed by Australian architect Rodney Eggleston of March studio, is set to cause quite a stir in European and worldwide design and fashion scenes. Paris' prestigious shopping district has welcomed a new addition at 54 Rue du Fauborg Saint-Honoré.  Nestled in a discrete courtyard, the store offers a fresh new approach to luxury. Chic and raw, the individual aesthetic radiates from the contrasting refined and unrefined surfaces and bold structural elements and sleek design. A luxurious den of geometry, light and intriguing dimensions, the clothes are effortlessly showcased, blending into this stunning space.

Rodney Eggeleston has created a striking new destination that every Parisian and international fashionista will feel very excited about uncovering and coveting for incredible design. It’s official, with this store the talented Croatian-born fashion designer has officially arrived Paris, the great fashion capital.

photo © Adrien Dirand

photo © Adrien Dirand

''The boutique interior is about levels and layers, just like my clothes. We have used materials in their most row form to define the colours, structures and the feel of it. The feeling in the shop is informal. I want the customers to feel like they are in my apartment. There is a certain rawness and purity, coupled with intimacy and sophistication.''
Damir Doma

photo © Adrien Dirand

photo © Adrien Dirand


Damir Doma, Rodney Eggleston

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