My Granddaughter's Cabinet // Lisa Hilland

published in: Design By Guest, 02 May 2010

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Guest Contribution by An Michiels

Swedish designer Lisa Hilland has launched her playful and romantic looking furniture collection “My Granddaughter's Cabinet” at Salone Satellite in Milan.

My Granddaughter’s Cabinet is a collection of furniture that reflects my views as a designer on sustainability, but also my great love for my daughters Silje and Elsa. They give me inspiration and meaning in everything I do.

Pompom Pouf
Naturally tanned cow leather.
Ø 65 cm

Inheriting things also means inheriting craftsmanship, knowledge, and stories. Inspired by family treasures, My Granddaughter’s Cabinet is a collection designed to be passed on from one generation to the next. All the materials used are natural, environmentally friendly, and carefully chosen for their ability to age beautifully.

Pompom Pendant Lamp
Silk, metal structure.
Ø 39 cm

Hilland on the materials she chose to work with:  “I have chosen birch as my main material because of its lustrous and silky surface. The last tree to be seen in our mountains before the vegetation disappears altogether in the high altitudes, birch can stand strong winds and the cold Nordic winters. It is traditionally used in Scandinavian stick back chairs. Cherry, oak, and pear veneer are used in combination to create contrasting and playful patterns. In addition to its visual beauty,  I have chosen reindeer leather for decorative details because of its tactile qualities and softness. It is a material traditionally used by the nomadic Sami people, sourced from the Scandinavian Arctic.”

My Granddaughter’s Cabinet
Birch with oak, cherry and birch
veneer. Naturally tanned reindeer
leather. H 145 W 80 D 28 cm

Lisa Hilland is a graduate of Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design. Following ten years of studies and design work in London, she founded her own studio in Sweden in 2005.

Flower Bed
H 5.5 W 55 D 12 cm

Generous Chair
Birch, naturally tanned
reindeer leather.
W 75 H 68 cm

Put A Spin On It Table
Veneered wooden pattern in
birch, oak, and pear. Legs in birch.
Ø 75 H 39 cm // Ø 55 H 27 cm

Gloria Mirror
Birch, naturally tanned
reindeer leather.
Ø 45 cm


Lisa Hilland

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