X-mas Gifts for the Rich and Fabulous

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 15 November 2009

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" Santa Honey,
one little thing I really need
The deed
To a platinum mine
Santa Baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight "

 ( lyrics from "Santa Baby" song written by Joan Javits & Philip Springer in 1953 )

X-mas Gifts for the Rich and Fabulous

Modesty? Thriftiness?  No, no, no!  Christmas is just around the corner and you deserve the best the design world has to offer.  Because the perfect Christmas gift comes with a price.  A big one!
Celebrating glamour and style, Yatzer Claus created a dream list, an extravagant array of luxury, hotness and fabulousness.  Unique creations with sinful price tags, powered to tint your blood blue.  Let the inner King or Queen shine and spoil your loved ones the most outrageous way: the Yatzer-way!  Delve into incomparable beauty and shoot your credit limit to the stars.  It’s worth it! It’s Christmas!

So, pick your poison, and spend away!

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The Goldvish ILLUSION
PRICE: starting at 18.900,00

Designed by Emmanuel Gueit, the Goldvish mobile phone is made of 18-karat white gold and encrusted with 120-karats of VVS-1 grade diamonds. The specifications of the Goldvish mobile phone are EDGE connectivity, 2 GB memory, MP3 player, World FM radio and USB.

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Fox fur double hammock by Bless PRICE: 10.050,00 €

Assembled by Germanys most skilful fur artisan, the fox fur blanket is dyed black and lined with cashmere.
Created exclusively for 20ltd.com, this stunning piece is limited to only 5 exclusive pieces.

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BeoSound 5 by Bang & Olufsen
PRICE: 3.970,00

BeoSound 5 is like having a record collection all over again – without the dust. Embrace the digital age while enjoying the complete experience of full sound quality, flipping though inspiring album covers with friends, and listening to the music you love.

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Einstein's Watch:
An unofficial record of a year’s most ownable things!

PRICE: 12,00 €

Items featured include: King Kong's Head, a collection of the Braille Edition of Playboy, secret MI6 tunnels, Gandhi's glasses, Steve McQueen's motorbike license, the Space Shuttle Endeavour, Michelangelo’s first ever painting and the last picture of Marilyn Monroe Editions.

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Pump it UP! by Ted Noten
PRICE: 2.580,00

Pump it UP! Is a bone China dildo with a 24 carat gold-plated valve, representing either a highly intriguing and humorous object or an altogether more refined erotic accessory, promises to be one of  Ted Noten's (Dutch conceptual jeweler) most collectible pieces yet..

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Build your Myth by Greece is for Lovers
PRICE: 432,00 (3kgr)

Is your demanding demigod lifestyle hard to cope with?  Does everything feel like a Herculean task?  It’s probably time to start pumping iron Ionian style!
A set of dumbbells in solid brass, they come in weights of 1.5 and 3 kgr.

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Croco iPhone case by Maison Takuya
PRICE: 293,00

The ultimate iPhone holder in black Wild Niloticus Crocodile skin with shiny finish. Design by Maison Takuya, the Bangkok based luxury brand founded by François Russo.

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Poison Apple Candle with Crystallized Swarovski™ Elements by  D.L. & Co
PRICE: 280,00 €

A "petite le pomme rouge" encrusted with crystallized Swarovski™ elements filled with the crisp and verdant Thorn Apple fragrance.  30+ hours of burn time.

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Goldplated Staples
PRICE: 140,00

Intended primarily as a form of jewelry, these 24 luxury 14 Karat goldplated staples can be applied anywhere with the help of your average stapler.

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PRICE: 80.000,00

Each one of the 10 limited-edition GOLD bikes represent a cornucopia of delights for any feinschmecker. Each bike is hand-built, and then plated with 24-carat gold and generously adorned with more than 600 fine Swarovski crystals.  The handlebar grips are made of hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather.

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Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967
PRICE: 380,00 €

A reluctant icon captures a decade of cultural transformation.  This edition is limited to 1,500 numbered copies, each signed by the photographer.

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Thorens TD-309, Tri-Balance
PRICE: 1.340,00

The novel sub-chassis system of the TD 309 allowed us to optimally distribute the weight of the turntable, achieving perfect balance in both mechanical and aesthetic terms. Form and function work in harmony to make the TD 309 a turntable that is guaranteed to reveal the magic of analogue replay.

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Pen of the Year 2009 with  Genuine horsehair barell by Faber Castell
PRICE: 2.200,00

Carefully ‘run in’ by hand, the 18-carat bicolor gold nib is available in the widths B, M, and F.  The platinum-plated end cap protects the knob for the plunger mechanism.  An accompanying certificate bears Dorit Berger’s signature certifying the quality and genuineness of the horsehair used. On request, a pen can be specially made from the tail hair of your own horse.

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H4D-60 camera by Hasselblad
PRICE: 19.995,00 €

Featuring a 60 Mpixel MF sensor and the revolutionary new True Focus technology, the H4D-60 camera system will change the way you think about high-end photography. The H4D series is built upon the successful H3D platform and comes bundled with our new Phocus 2.0 imaging software.

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  • friend
    Hamster Stu | 2009-11-16 18:50:53

    You'd be well annoyed if you dropped your Goldvish ILLUSION phone - Ok the case may not crack as easily but I can see those diamonds popping out!

  • friend
    Χ?אורΧ? ΧžΧ˜Χ‘Χ— | 2009-11-16 18:53:49

    " BeoSound 5 respects your taste in music. It actually β€˜listens’ to the song you are playing – analysing the sound, dynamics, rhythmic aspects etc. – to find More Of The Same from your collection " Sounds cool! The BeoSound 5 seems to combine state-of-the-art technology with slick design. I wish Santa will send me one!

  • friend
    Χ?אורΧ? ΧžΧ˜Χ‘Χ— | 2009-11-22 01:42:17

    When you "Rich and Fabulous" you can drop your phone :D

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