Moscow Road collection by Scott, Rich & Victoria

published in: Design By Guest, 17 September 2009

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Moscow Road collection 2009 by Scott, Rich & Victoria

Guest Contribution by Katerina Biliouri

The Yatzer double-decker continues its ride around London. And it is going crazy with all the things going on. Next week is going to be such a cool design week for this vibrant city; London Design Festival, London Fashion Week, Designersblock London 2009 and 100% Design.

Yatzeriders hop on the bus..
Next stop Scott, Rich & Victoria at 100% Design.

Scott, Rich & Victoria  is their name. At first I thought they were three. But no, they are two. Two talented designers Scott Fitzsimons and Richard Hartle are the heart and soul of Scott, Rich & Victoria. What did I like even more? Is that while researching to write this article, I found out that they are both Kiwis. And I have a soft spot for New Zealand!

Moscow Road collection 2009 by Scott, Rich & Victoria

Originally from Wellington, Scott and Richard, combined their talents and launched an international design studio based in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand, working commissioned and in-house projects. Both of them have an international experience on a wide selection of projects for a variety of companies and clients, including Tom Dixon, Philip Michael Wolfson, OBO and New Dowse Museum, NZ.

NO 3 stool

Scott, Rich & Victoria will be showing their collection Moscow Road 2009 at 100% Design. It is their first collection, which illustrates the studio’s fascination with playful geometry, focusing on lighting and furniture. If I had to pick a favourite, I would go for the NO.3 Stool. Playful? You bet. Unconventional too. Through the use of bent wirework and folded surface, Scott and Richard, aimed at “creating a seating with a quirk”. The geometry creates two visually indistinguishable stools with radically different personalities. One sits straight while it’s more playful sibling leans to one side or another, or the other again.

The Hospice shelves

Their exploration of line and surface is also evident in THE HOSPICE shelves.
Multi-functional and light in appearance, THE HOSPICE shelving system is defined by tubular geometry encapsulating simple planes. As explained by the designers, the light appearance is due to the refined framework and the folded metal shelves that appear to float within it. 

UNIT 24 Lamp

UNIT 24 floorLamp

Last but not least is the UNIT24 Lamp. Playful design by Scott, Rich & Victoria once more. This time it is a game between light and shadow. UNIT24 Lamp is a folded, creased and rolled lampshade that engages light and shadow to enhance the visual depth of the shade. It derives from traditional fabric pleated lampshades, exploring layering effects and translucency to create a sense of volume from thin surface.

Scott, Rich & Victoria: refined and detailed products, simple lines, utilising enhanced metalwork with a sense of geometry, where the whole is greater than the sum of their parts.

Looking forward to trying out NO.3 Stool in London next week!

Moscow Road collection 2009 by Scott, Rich & Victoria


Scott, Rich & Victoria

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