‘Oohhh…’ by Lok Ming Fung

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 04 February 2009

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Lok Ming Fung is a Ceramic designer maker who graduated from Central Saint Martins design school in 2007. She uses the technique of slip casting to make her pieces, finishing them by hand, applying surface decoration such as sprigging and piercing, making each piece different and unique. She uses rich glazes to accentuate the ceramic surface.
‘Oohhh…’ is a collection of boxes, inspired by the Japanese Inro boxes and Russian dolls. With elements of enclose, open, curiosity and surprise, these contribute to the enjoyment of the revealing and satisfying our curiosity. The medium box can stack on top of the little one, with optional compartment trays that sit inside.

Loks has also showcased at New Designers, Tent: Talent Zone, RBSA Gallery and Pulse.


Lok Ming Fung

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