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location :  127 Mitropoleos Str, THESSALONIKI, GREECE

The concept
The archive is a new way to approach architecture & design. With freedom as the basis for creativity, a physical space that allows a free flow of ideas, materials, resources and inspiration between suppliers and creators. A place to work, brainstorm, discuss and share your ideas with the world.

The facilities
The space is equipped by Carteco with a categorised library featuring materials and samples from Carteco’s most innovative manufacturers and specialists around the world. Three iMacs with 20” screens for 24/7 internet access and a Wi-Fi spot are also available for digital format resource search. A docking station for iPods gives you the opportunity to listen to your own music while you are there. The wall above the iMacs, doubles as a projection wall and there is a work table which can be used at will for meetings, presentations, browsing materials or flicking through the latest international press. The front window hall will be used as an architecture- or design-related exhibition space.

The space
An uncluttered, casual space in the heart of  THESSALONIKI city in Greece. It “unfolds” in just 25 square metres of expertly designed, multifunctional space. Parts of the room allow members complete autonomy, while others are ideal for small group meetings or presentations. Either way you use it, the Archive is an organic, evolving space urging you to think outside the box.

Use & events

You are free to choose what the Archive will be. Research, meet, study, create, inspire, be inspired, present, exhibit, host a work event or simply escape the noisy city streets.

The Archive never closes. Access to members by way of the membership card is free and unlimited, 24/7 year-round to all the architects, designers, professionals or students applying for membership through the website or the application form. There is no staff watching over your head while you are checking out the latest flooring materials at 3am!


as envisioned by
Vassilios P. Bartzokas
project coordination
k&k architects (Katerina Kotzia + Korina Filoxenidou)
architectural installation / design and concept
Katerina Kotzia + Korina Filoxenidou
graphic/communication design
lighting design
Aris M. Klonizakis
production / production coordination

Quality North Hellas
Active Security Systems
electronic equipment
Elite Computer Systems
Bright, Artemide
Beetroot design group

*all PHOTOS by Anastasia Adamaki



  • friend
    norrikah | 2008-12-09 05:32:06

    wow' すごい (sugoi!!!)

  • friend
    Noni | 2008-12-09 16:16:45

    I am not an architect, nor an interior designer, just a design admirer. I have been to Thessaloniki for the cinema festival, for a weekend and of course I have visited this amazing place. It is such a great idea, so inspiring and so classy! Everything has been very carefully designed! The concept is so simple but at the same time so unique! The music, the lights, the macs, the materials, outline an ideal mΓ©lange of sophistication! I hope they open one in Athens too! I have my card (to pass) ready!

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